Thermography 6 months breast wellness check results and comp

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The real deal! YEP I almost forgot about it this week. And last week I could not keep my mind off of it….

I had to take the time to digest it all before sharing. Now I am back on track with another level of commitment to put into place to get this thing- aka my health- under committed surveillance and more dedicated actions and habits. Like it should be. So no, no BIG bad news, but I thought things would have improved faster. Patience, a little voice said to me. And perseverance! The former I have some of the time, the later I have it always to the dismay of my family members at times!

I saw the pictures right after they were taken. Renee pulled the previous picture to make a comparison. (see image below). The results looked great as I saw way more blue and green and thought to myself: “Wow I am in a good direction here!” I forgot that there is more to the results than the color. It is more complex than it seems…

thermography1-2 comparison


When you get your picture done they are sent to a doctor to measure temperature discrepancy between the two breasts and probably more than I can explain. Cancer does not develop symmetrically. Hence, when there is a difference from one side to the other it is sending a sign that we should pay attention more. There is also the hormonal grade for estrogen activity.

So one week later I received an email with the doctor evaluation in attachment. Renee’s personal note is something really comforting, not like you would get from the hospital papers.
Here is what Renee’s personal message said to me:
“I hope you’re not discouraged! Sometimes we see what can be described as “stirring the soup” – in other words, when someone makes significant lifestyle changes, we see temperatures can fluctuate before they stabilize. You have improved many aspects of your emotional life, and that has a profound effect on your mind and body, whether it shows up in your breasts immediately or not!
Just keep up the good work!”

When I saw this part of the report I got discouraged….I was stable. STABLE?!  Estrogen activity and thermal result risk rating are the same. Some breasts area have lower temperature difference and some have higher temperature difference compared to the first results. On one area, I am now over the normal range, it sounded alarming to me, 1.42 degree C, the normal range being between 0.00-1.00 degree C.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.22.13 PM


I thought I had done somewhat of a huge emotional change, I am still in the middle of it. And I  am stable?? I  knew the anger was not helping my inflammation level at this very moment.

Then I was so sad. I sobbed most of the next day. I know myself well enough to see that this was the necessary step I needed to grief the fact that I still have the same risk, even with the emotional and physical progress I made. I also know that once the grieving would be over, I would roll up my sleeve and evaluate what is the next step and act on it.I understand that when negative habits have been in your life for quite some times, even  for years,  you cannot necessarily expect a full blown reversed results it in a matter of months. I am grateful i still have some time to take action .Not Like I had receive a stage 4 diagnosis. Maybe I could have done more or better, but I strongly believe we do the best we can at all times, considering our circumstances.  I was not to fall into the guilt trap as this is not good for breast health either.

A plan? Of course keeping on what I have done well is a must. Even after this hard sobbing day I had a few good conversations with my husband and I could see some more things shifting. Then I am working out a plan and will put it in action over the next few weeks. I will share it with you as it unfold. I want my story to help as many people I can because as I said on my Facebook post, #Iamnotpartofthestatistics and I don’t want any more people being part of it either. It is not about fighting cancer, war is never the solution. It is about finding ourselves again, creating a better  overall health plan and stopping the madness or our lives to really create one that matter.