Self-Care  Journey

If you want to read what prompted me to start paying attention to Self-Care and share my journey to help others as well you can click here. Long story short, in 2015, I had a year of struggles, a heavy heart and lots of uncertainty. My health was not at its peak for sure and Self-Care was the one thing that was meant to be there to stat this journey of healing. I felt there was not delaying this time: I needed to act upon the call my body has sent me!

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There are many ways to perceive and understand Self-Care and this is the definition I decide to base my work upon:

“Self-care can mean many things, but it usually involves being aware of and taking care of your own health and wellness needs. It involves taking care of yourself emotionally and physically, and making healthy choices, developing good habits, and taking action that enhances a healthy lifestyle and life-wellness. Self-care means to make an effort to take care of yourself to the best of your ability, and to respect and love yourself.”

There are many wheels of wellness out there; just Google those two words  and you will get lost! Most of them are comprised of six areas. Not bad at all!  I choose this one from the University of New Hampshire because it encompasses two additional aspects of life I am very interested in: environmental and financial health. I think these aspects should not be neglected at all! I am a fierce environment defender, no wonder why I did a post  graduate certificate in environmental studies!
As for money, well, I feel like I have attracted abundance through a husband who earns quite a decent income. But what about me? I have not been able yet to manifest my dharma and money all at once and this is about to change. This has been a struggle of a lifetime so I know why this is an important matter to explore and  (dis) cover for me. It is about time we truly demystify abundance and  financial health and really question the importance our society puts on making or having money. I love to see money as what it brings to me in terms of life’s freedom. If it does not bring me freedom, then I am not mastering financial health. Hence, I am the slave. More on this subject in the coming weeks.  Welcome to this Self-Care wheel of wellness eight blog post series!


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