What is VidyEssence?

VidyEssence is the web site that converge all my passions in life. I strongly believe in the fact that doing what you love, what you were called to do is one of the best secret to happiness in life. I knew this for quite a while, but thought later, when, if…Then, it would be the right timing. Well, the present moment is the only one we have for sure, so I decided to jump on this new adventure and share with you my gifts. Come back as often as you like as you will always find something new to learn about! I am also inviting you to use my  contact  page to connect with me and consult my live calendar  to see what’s coming next in terms of classes or events.

This web site is a place where you can read and learn about:

  • Hearth Parenting: This is a holistic view of parenting, encompassing conscious parenting as well as ecoparenting. Now more than ever, we need to create environments and  model a way of life that foster children’s’ ability to growing into wise, response-able adults. Because of our rapid lifestyle and social changes, children who will possess the tools to adapt to life’s circumstances arising with poise and ease will be tomorrows’ leaders.  We owe to all children a healthy, toxic-free and peaceful planet to live in and shairing my gifts is my way to lending a hand in this domain.
  • MJ’s  Wellness Advocateoffering to guide people willing to using Mother Earth’s most potent essences, among other things, to live a natural lifestyle. I am proud and happy to offer educational material, classes  and products supporting those of you wanting to learn and integrate the use of essential oils and derived products in order to support physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health and growth.
  • My work as an author. I am part of a group of French speaking experts writing books together The first title being published was Devenir Soi(free translation: Becoming Self) and another one is in the making. I am also in the process  of  writing  my first book with a co-author and friend. More information about subject and publication date to come later this year. Keeping a little bit of suspense is fun!
  • Bloggingabout these previously mentioned passions but also including: environmental education and more precisely my work as a Green Living and positive discipline  Coach (Certification dates to be announced), guiding people into a greener but also environmentally and emotionally healthy living spaces.
  • Yoga and homesteading. If you would pay me a visit at home, you would often find me in yoga pants and muddy boots. This is the reflection of my life as a yoga teacher, practitioner and homesteader living on a small farm in the making, inspired by permaculture. As I need to focus on some aspects of my career and personal life at this time, I am not currently teaching yoga but rest assure this will come in due time.