Are resolutions the solution for January 1st?

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If you feel like all you did was cook, buy, celebrate, eat, sleep and start again, you may not feel ready to answer the crucial question: “What are your resolutions for 2016?’’.  We have  enough stress and pressure all year long to add this one to the mix, don’t you think? Isn’t it  about time we bring more mindfulness to this tradition?

When hearing from most of us, it often ends sadly before spring comes. By understanding why  we took on some great or grand resolutions in the past just to watch them fall  to the wayside,  we can learn how  to make sustainable changes that will last all year long and beyond.

Although I had time to relax in the past two weeks,  with family around, it seemed like there was not enough time  alone for me to really figure out what my intentions are for the New Year. I love introspection and with all of I experienced this year especially, I need even more time to figure out what I want my life to look like, not only for 2016 but this year and beyond. (Fortunately,  I realized that depending on the calendar we use there are other dates for the New Year!

If we make some resolutions, they should be done when we feel ready to do so. Personally I plan on spending most of the winter in soul searching mode., I am balancing my life, relaunching my career according to my dharma, and creating a  lot of new habits to reflect this new journey. This is no small task but this is feasible and… highly desirable! I want to  devote enough time to really reflect on what and why long enough to have a sustainable approach to it. I know the how will come naturally if I bring in faith and trust in the process, even if I will also plan it a little bit. As you know a dream without action stays a dream and I want to live the dream I will paint. The most important piece is to let things flow and believe there is a reason to everything that happens in our lives in the present moment.

If some of you feel the same way, I invite you to use this next upcoming 8 weeks of  Self-Care Sunday on Facebook and blog posts on the web as I will share about the many aspects of the wheel  of wellness and  see how these sharings could help you use this winter season to inner reflect and be ready to act on real, well thought out goals and dreams for your life when everything is renewing itself in the spring.

When we really think about it, resolutions  seems to be a lot about self-care.