Are your emotions ruling your life?

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It is 7:15 am, How can this be possible?? The children and I  need to leave in 30 minutes! My alarm clock was set up for 6. ‘’What happened?’’ Thinking to myself. I was so tired, that I  set it up at 6 pm.  No wonder I did not hear it! Hubby is out of town and I have all the work to myself; no team work this morning…

I am sure you can relate. Maybe there is even a typical scenario running in your mind. How do you go through those situations where everything seems out of your control? How do you feel when this happen? Obviously I was not relaxed at first. I know too well that when a day has started like this, chances are I will be having this dark cloud over my head all day long. However, over the years, I started using more my oils for emotional health and everyone in my family can attest that, thanks to them, I am more ageable to be around.

Because I have been through this morning panic before, I know for sure that the entire family is benefiting from me taking 30 seconds to set  up the kitchen  diffuser with peppermint and citrus oils. It will help us to awaken and keep our focus where it needs to be: to get out of the door on time! Because I have created rituals around these oils to help me go through my days, using my grounding blend on the bottom of my feet is second nature, even after a rather quick shower. As I inhaled the aroma, I knew everything will be fine.

Using essential oil to deal with emotions has made my life less stressful and so much more joyful.  This is why I  am so happy to tell you about this latest  news.  I recently came back from our an annual convention. It is amazing how inspiring it is for me  to meet like minded people and to broaden my knowledge to serve YOU better. One of the exciting part is when the owners get to reveal the new products.

The one kit I am most excited about is the emotional aromatherapy. Emotional health  is the area where I excel in coaching people. Why? Because I do relate in my personal life as I need to deal with my emotions all the time. Moreover, have you ever realized how it affects our entire life? Who does not have a negative feeling, thought or stressful event  on a daily basis? And what about those stressing months when something more important is going on? Is seems like nowadays, running is the new walking. Not that I think this is a good thing, quite the contrary. We are going so fast that we barely have time to acknowledge or name our emotions, let alone try to create time to deal with them.

This is why I love, love diffusing essential oils! It takes close to no time to set up but still I am taking care of myself. As you smell the aroma you create a feeling, an ambiance that sets the stage for enhancing clarity, relaxation or maybe uplift your spirit, depending on what you have chosen to use.

And for those who do not know where to start and what to use, this is where these six wonderful oils come in. What do you need to have more of today…Peace or Passion?

Are you yearning to Consoling, Forgiving, Cheering or Motivating?

These blends have been created with some specific emotions we tend to experience and the intention of an appropriate  emotional relief  in mind. Emotions is not an exact science. However there are specific vibrations we receive from each plant. Combining them is like perfumery. It is an art to make a blend that is effective, pleasant and yet with a specific purpose in mind. This was a tour de force that has been done here and with the aromatherapy wheel it is easier than ever to start experimenting.

Over the course of the next few months, I will introduce you to each of these wonderful oils so that you get a better understanding on how they can serve you whenever you experience deep sadness or a rather hectic Monday morning.