Back on Track !

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I love summer. It is my favorite season. Fall, in my home country, comes really close with all the colors in the trees and that crisp fresh air. Oh and that damp, fall smell…Seems like all our senses are getting their dose of excitement!

On the contrary to spring, where everything comes back to life, fall is more about getting ready for a rest in winter, by letting go of anything that is not useful to us. Most of my summer was like fall, in that sense: Lots of rain and shedding in my heart. I do not know if some of you realized that I have been quiet over the last few months… With a lot of changes in my personal life and some extended family health news that were more than unexpected, I needed to take a break from it all: the work, the stressful life, the long evening extending through part of the night. Enough is enough! It was about time for me to do a reality check and realize that my lifestyle was not leading to anything sustainable, mostly health wise. I was just so exhausted…Working from home has its benefits but also its challenges.

Now that  back to school is over, I get to find my rhythm again and it feels good. I knew that I neglected  some preventative health appointments and did skip a few good habits in the last few years. Needless to say  it was about time I got back on track with my health. What I am learning from this experience is that if we do not take care of ourselves, nobody else will. Things start to deteriorate faster when the preventative health aspect, including creating long lasting health habits, are not taken care of.

In the next few months, I will talk to you more about my BIG light bulb moment and share more on my journey since this important shift. One important revelation was that I needed to set better boundaries for myself. Melaleuca brought in the message for me. I did some progress  to voice my needs. I am still learning to ponder and realize when is it that I need to say no.  I also need to add grace to the gesture so my family does not feel negatively impacted by this major (r)evolution. Yes it is that real.

Now I want to know, what are you ready to shed so you can rest and renew? Are you encountering any personal resistance? Please share your stories and comments here below. Let’s start a conversation and learn from each other. We are all in this together!